Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Languishing at the Bottom of the Chasm

So then, as promised, a short and abridged list of stuff that could've merited a post or so each, had it not been for the sojourn:

  • The New Arrival - Part Deux: Interesting tidbits on the newest arrival to the Maverick family.
  • My Pothole is Deeper Than Yours: A disgusting lament on the state of roads in the Maximum City.
  • Workout Basics: Busting the common myths around working out and physical activity.
  • Under-Foot Stubble Rub: ... and other interesting way of deriving divine pleasure from a 4-month old at home.
  • Culinary Experiences to Die For: A post dedicated exclusively to the heavenly Spiced-up Rice my partner Olly drummed up one evening. Yes, complete with recipe and all...
So, dear reader (is it just a coincidence the word was singular?), be privileged to learn first of the launch of a new series! Yes, dear reader! I'm soon going to begin a new series within this blog. I would call it 'Road Rashes', named after one of my preferred PC games of yore. What will it be all about?

Well, what can I say...! "Patience is a virtue!"

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