Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Constipated Celeb Couple

Apropos the series of Airtel TVCs (Tele-Vision Commercials, for the absolutely uneducated Neanderthals) showcasing the ostensibly in-couple Kaif and Sareena. Er... did I get that right?

First this informative ad educates the Indian public how a Voice SMS could help propagate blackmail opportunities. I kid you not! Okay wait, let me explain what happens in the ad:

Saif uses live-in partner SRK as a sounding board once too often - in the balcony, in the bath(!), in the gym - expressing his dismay at having missed the potty for the last three days. SRK is fed up of suggesting fibre to an uptight Saif and throws punches on the latter's gut, with an intention of stimulating the intestines and ending his agony. 'Must be all the Lays he keeps munching', thinks SRK. He also helpfully stores the resulting tight-arse groan as a Voice SMS and sends it to Kareena. This dame is busy expressing her disgust at Saif's choice of laxative, to the point of hating him altogether. Notice her ill-concealed glee on sensing an opportunity to blackmail Saif by with-holding her own traditional methods from him.

The next commercial tracks Kareena trying to mess with Saif, asking him if singing on the pot is helping him with his bowel movements. She's clearly unaware of Saif's changed diet which now includes two mugs of psyllium husk in water every morning. She even mimics Saif's pained grunt on the pot. Notice the 'Yaaaaaa...'

Saif is busy designing a mobile potty seat so he can do it as he races around the Nascar track in an Aveo, and hence is visibly peeved (never mind the constipated expression). He dismisses her case with words of endearment towards his now regular morning activity. The ad ends with Kareena expressing her amazement in such succinct words, 'Ho gaya?!' (Are you done?!)

All ye constipated folks! Rejoice! There's still hope. If Saif can do it, so can you...


  1. Creativity at its worst..!!!! Guess they stopped makin good ads anymore.
    But ur comments n analyzation here... creativity well expressed ; )

  2. A fine twisted anal-ysis of the Ad!

    Err.. Doesn't Saif sounds like "Saaf" - as in, pet (saif) ho gaya.

  3. @ Milind: Ad guys get complacent the moment they sign up celebrities. The general expectation is that big ticket celebs can carry the product off just by appearing in their ads, and hence there is no need to work on attention to detail.

    @ eye-in-sty-in: Lol! Nice one. Us ad ne to baat 'saif-saif' kah diya!!!

  4. Hold behold, I hope my Kareena is 'saif' in his hands for time being.

  5. they have to stop endorsing products together, reason 'saara jyada saif ho gaya to dobaara khana, khana padega'

    good observation as in "live-in partners" lol

  6. @ Oxy: Er... 'your' Kareena has decided to play 'saif'. Would you want to consider fibre too? Or will drinking lots of water resolve the bottle-neck? :D

    @ havetodoit: Yeah! That Laughter Knights joke was too good! We should probably advise this to Saif, lest he gets over-eager with his psyllium husk! :D

  7. The first ad was well... watchable for one time... the second.. hehe.. My son and I love to act out the look of fake-i-am-such-a-good-actress amazement on kareena's face n that iconic 'ho gaya' hahahaha. if you look carefully, the look of amazement starts even before saif tosses back the phone... what a quickie..

  8. @ avdi: Well, Kareena is still discovering the amazing benefits of fibre! :P But seriously, isn't she so over-rated? I can count maybe a couple of movies where she managed not to irritate the hell out of me.

  9. I agree wholeheartedly. One felt like pooing on POO, where she was at her irritating best. I half liked her in Omkara, but thats it.